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  History of the Boys High School Tournament          by Patrick Macfee                                                                         

PART ONE:   Kansas University Open Invitational Tournament 1908-1911

PART TWO:  The Two Tourneys: Kansas University and Kansas High School Athletic Association  Tourneys 1912-1915

PART THREE:  Kansas High School Association Consolidation 1916-1920

PART FOUR:  Kansas High School Association Tournament 1921-1924

PART FIVE:   Kansas CLASS A & CLASS B State Tournaments  1925-1940

                          Chapter One: 1925-1930       Chapter Two: 1931-1935     Chapter Three: 1936-1940

PART SIX:  Kansas CLASS AA, A & B State Tournaments  1941-1951   

                         Chapter One:  The War Years 1941-1945     Chapter Two: Post-War Boom 1946-1951          

PART SEVEN:  Kansas CLASS AA, A, B & BB   1952-1968


Kansas High School Graduates - Division 1 Basketball                                 Kansas Girls High School Tournament: 1909-1921

Kansas High School Graduates - D-1 by Program

Kansas High School Graduates - Division II and Other

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