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STATE CHAMPIONS  CLASS AA: Wyandotte  CLASS A: Buhler  CLASS B: Goddard  CLASS BB: Mullinville


Topeka Invitational Tournament Champions

   Back Row: Asst Tom Turkle, Paul Donahue, Steve Gibbs, Jim McMullen, Coach Bueltel, Don Gregg, Gary Reser, Dennis Butler, Asst Tom Coleman                   

    Front Row: Pat Dickey, Tom Sheahan, Don Grantham, Mark Hanson, Mike Kennedy, Lonnie Hansard.

                 Hayden used the Municipal Auditorium as home court for the first time during this season. It was a nice place for fans and the team performed well at this venue. Highlight of the year was winning the Topeka Invitational Tournament at Topeka High. (This tournament was also called the Topeka Christmas Invitational - I am not sure that this is counted as part of the Topeka Invitational Tourney history). Leavenworth made a huge comeback to give Hayden their first loss. The season ended with disappointing losses in the AA Regional, but the team showed a lot of potential. Don Gregg gave a consistently good effort despite a serious hip injury that he suffered in football his Sophomore season.

                  The Leavenworth comeback was unusual for the time (no shot clock as now - but also no 3 point goal) .  Hayden had a an undefeated 7-0 record headed into the game and got off to a great start against the Pioneers. The score at halftime was 39-18.  Hayden also had a big advantage  at the free throw line - Leavenworth was only 1-5  for the entire game. But somehow their last quarter press and Hayden's failure at the free throw line allowed the Pioneers to go ahead 57-56 with 1:48 left in the game.  Hayden was ahead by 17 just 6 minutes earlier. The lead changed hands a few more times before Hansard tied the game with a free throw - his second shot missed and Leavenworth took the rebound with 21 seconds left. Then, Ray Simpson, 6'3" football star, scored the winning basket with 2 seconds to play. That was Hayden's first Centennial League loss. 

                       The team recovered from the loss and won the annual battle against Topeka High. Don Gregg and Lonnie Hansard both had great games in the 71-67 victory.  When Hayden ( ranked No. 5 in CLASS AA) faced Leavenworth (No. 9 in CLASS AA) Coach Bueltel was confidant his team would be up to the challenge of the road trip. As it turned out, the game was no contest with Leavenworth gaining a halftime lead of 36-21.  The referees seemed intent on enforcing the rule that said a player who was called for a personal foul had to raise his hand for the benefit of the scorekeeper. Don Gregg was assessed a technical for not raising his hand after his 5th foul even though he was headed for the bench.  The Pioneers proved that their earlier win was no fluke - they also went on to win the CLASS AA Regional at Topeka High. Our school bus was rocked on the way out of the Leavenworth parking lot by local "fans".

Coach Ken Bueltel    1963-64   WON 16  LOST 6             Centennial League - 2nd   Topeka Invitational Champion


12/6/1963 Washburn Rural W 59 49 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
12/13/1963 Seaman W 66 57 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
12/19/1963 Miege - K.C. W 65 60 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
12/26/1963 Washington-K.C. W 53 45 Topeka High Topeka Inv
12/27/1963 Topeka West W 68 56 Topeka High Topeka Inv
12/28/1963 Ward - K.C. W 61 55 Topeka High Topeka Inv
1/3/1964 Highland Park W 78 50 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
1/4/1964 Leavenworth L 59 61 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
1/10/1964 Shawnee Heights W 72 58 Shawnee Heights Centennial
1/11/1964 Topeka West W 66 57 Topeka West
1/18/1964 Topeka High W 71 67 Topeka High
1/24/1964 Atchison W 62 58 Atchison Centennial
1/31/1964 Washburn Rural W 50 42 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
2/1/1964 Leavenworth L 52 67 Leavenworth Centennial
2/7/1964 Seaman W 71 58 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
2/14/1964 Highland Park W 73 60 Highland Park Centennial
2/15/1964 Ward - K.C. L 73 91 Municipal Auditorium
2/21/1964 Shawnee Heights W 71 47 Municipal Auditorium Centennial
2/28/1964 Atchison L 54 67 Topeka High Centennial
3/3/1964 Highland Park W 72 48 Topeka High AA Regional
3/5/1964 Lawrence L 50 66 Topeka High AA Regional
3/6/1964 Topeka High L 49 63 Topeka High AA Regional



Tom Sheahan
22 107 78 292
Don Gregg

21   93 49 235
Mark Hanson
22   75 74 224
Lonnie Hansard
20   71 45 187
Jim McMullen
20   60 29 149
Paul Donahue
22   65 16 146
Gary Reser

20   33   8 74
Steve Gibbs

20   11 14 36
Pat Dickey

20   10   7 27
Don Grantham
10     2   3 7
Dennis Butler
  3     2   2 6
Mike Kennedy
  5     1   3 5
Ron Esquibel
  1     2   1 5
Mike Rees

  1     1   0 2
Jim Kamer

  4     0   0 0