PLACE: Hayden Field                                                HOME

   Quickest access to Hayden field is via the Gage exit off  I-70 (EAST or WEST)


   Far left is where you purchase tickets for the football games. Entrance gate is directly to the west of the building. Parking lot is the length of the football field at this point and you should find a spot here up to an hour before the game - maybe earlier for big games. There is a parking lot used by students during school hours to the southwest of this building. That lot is usually full well in advance of game time.  The lot shown below is also available for parking on game nights.

Other parking can be had  on game nights in several commercial lots to the north and south of school grounds - make sure not to park in posted "NO PARKING" areas - you car could be towed away. Also be careful when parking off the school grounds. Do not leave valuables in your car or truck and lock your doors. School grounds and lots are patrolled to a certain extent - but the private areas are not. 

    Visitor's side shown in photo (above). Overflow crowds stand out there along the track bordering the south as well as the north end zone.  Extra stand are brought in as avaialble for big games - HAYDEN  vs HOLTON  for example.



Full view of field  from the south end . 


PLACES: GYMS                            


                        Hayden was a team without a true home court for many years. Several different venues served as a home court during these years. I will try to find photos of some of these gymnasiums and post them at a later date.


HAYDEN Home Courts:


Boswell Jr. High - 1301 SW Boswell

Roosevelt Jr. High - 211 SW Buchanan - building has since been demolished.

Crane Jr. High  (17th & Topeka) - now Kansas Bureau of Investigation Offices.

Topeka High OLD (NW Corner of 8th & Harrison) - now occupied by Capital Tower Building

Photo shows Junior-Senior reception held in the old Topeka High School Gym. 1922 Sunflower Yearbook pg 42.

OLD TOPEKA HIGH SCHOOL - 8th & Harrison  - c. 1911 Arthur Capper  postcard

Ripley Park - Small gym that resembled a closed in shelter house. It had a balcony that was used for spectators. Main court was probably less than regulation size - Salina Journal in 1934 reported the gym was "no larger than a cracker box".  This court was used from 1924-1942 for the majority of Hayden's home games. I think this was later used as activities center /bath house. That building was destroyed by the 1966 tornado. 



Holy Name Grade School - Less than regulation court still in use by Holy Name parish.


Hayden East - 8th & Van Buren. Hayden's first true home gymnasium. It is now a parking lot for offices located in the remodeled Hayden East school building.

                          Photo from 1949 Hayden Yearbook


1940's - 1960's

East Topeka Jr. High - Nice court used a few times in the 1940's.


Topeka High School - aka "The Dungeon". Built in 1932 and still in operation.



Whiting Fieldhouse - Washburn University Gym that is still in use.



Municipal Auditorium - Court had a portable floor that City purchased from defunct pro basketball team. This court was often used as a home court for other city teams as well.



Bueltel Activities Center -fka Hayden Activities Center before re-dedication in 1989. Will post picture soon.




Seaman < 1953 - Gym located in building at 2129 N Taylor (now listed as 901 NW Lyman)

Seaman  1948-1954 - Gyms at East Indianola 2000 NW Clay, Hayden East 8th & Van Buren

Seaman  1954-      - Gym at 1124 NW Lyman Rd now Logan Jr. High School

Seaman      -Present - Gym at 4850 NW Rochester Rd   



Whiting Fieldhouse - This was the gym used as a home court when Washburn Rural was located on the Washburn campus 1918-1939.

Washburn Rural 1939-1953 - Gym at 1900 SW Hope St now used by USD 501 as Continuing Education Center.

Washburn Rural 1954-1963 - Gym at 4948 SW Wanamaker now used for USD 437 as Jay Shideler Elementary School.

Washburn Rural 1964-Present -Gym at 5900 SW 61st St.



Highland Park  - Gym at 2710 SE Indiana - later used as Highland Park Grade school gym

Highland Park   - Gym at 2630 SE Indiana - later used as Highland Park Jr High school gym

Highland Park   - Gym at 2424 SE California - first game was 12/27/51.

Highland Park   - 1968 - 1972 - played several home games at Topeka High or Municipal Auditorium

Highland Park    - Early 1970's gym at 12/27/51 was remodeled and still in use.




   This school was opened in 1912 at 715 Jackson. This was the main high school building until the 1939-1940 school year.