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HAYDEN Coaches - short tenure

Willis     1927-1928 Name listed as basketball coach for 1927-28 season.  

   Frank Willis - 1928 basketball coach with players 


Charles Kirby    1928  Name listed as football coach for 1928 games. 


Frank Roberts   1929 Football coach for 1929 season. I believe this is the former student known as Francis Roberts (Class of 1923). 


Francis Roberts Class of 1923 Yearbook Photo                                                                                          Coach Frank Roberts (Top Row-Right) 1929


George Reid   1930-31

George Reid came to Topeka Catholic High School as football and basketball coach during the 1930-31 school year. He had  served as a coach for Sacred Heart High School in Manhattan, KS.  He left the state shortly after this school year to parts unknown.

    George Reid (HAYDEN YEARBOOK)   Football: W  1   L  5   Basketball:  W  4   L   14


John Hickey  1932-34  - All that can be determined at present is that John Hickey was a  star football player at St. Mary's College. Does anyone have information on him ?

FOOTBALL:  W   5   L   13   T   1       BASKETBALL:   W  24  L  23




                                                              Edwin "Ed" Vossman   (Hayden Yearbook)

                                                   FB:     W   8     L    8    T    2      BB: W  10    L   26


Edwin Vossman   1934-1936

        Ed Vossman was born 6-22-1909 in Wyoming and moved with his family at an early age to Beloit, KS. He graduated from St. John's High School in Beloit. He received his B.A. degree from St. Mary's College in St. Mary's, KS. He received his M.A. from Creighton in Omaha, NE.  His 1935 football team compiled the best record for a Hayden team in the 1930's. He left TCHS in 1936 to become a professor of Latin and Greek at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. He retired from Marquette in 1973 as treasurer of the school.  He returned to Beloit, KS after retirement where he died 10-2-1982. He was married to Betty Kelley, daughter of early TCHS coach Fred Kelley. 

SOURCE:    Beloit Daily Call - 1982 Obituary



Vincent Langan     1936-37

Vince Langan coached football and basketball for only the 1936-37 school term. No information at this time about his life after Hayden.

   Football     (1-6-1)         Basketball  (6-8)

Vince Langan in front of Assumption Church (Hayden Yearbook)



Francis A. McGinley  1937-39

      Coach McGinley was born 12/8/1908 and graduated from St. Mary's High School. He attended St. Mary's College and graduated from Pittsburg State  in 1934. He coached both basketball and football at TCHS.  He had a long career as a civilian personnel officer with U.S. Corps of Engineers & U. S. Supply Depot. He died at age 90 in Topeka.  

Football     (5-15)

Basketball   (13-24)


Coach "Jerry" McGinley 1938 SHAMROCK                                                                     Coach McGinley at 1939 Class Reunion in 1989.


Joe Hess 1942

Joe Hess came from Humboldt, KS to coach football in 1942. He played 2 years of football at Iola Jr. College and graduated from St. Ambrose College in 1942. After complettion of the football season, Coach Hess reported for induction to the Army at Ft. Leavenworth (11-26-42).    Football (2-6-0)


Wojciechowicz "Bow Wow" Wojtkiewicz  1946-1947      Football  (0-7-1)       Basketball  (1-7)

Mysterious figure in Hayden coaching history.  Newspaper reports never refer to him with a first name other than "Bow-Wow".  He may have had a Notre Dame connection, may have eloped with a famous Hollywood connected female. All I can find out, besides won-loss record, is that Fr. Gardner took over coaching duties 1/2 way through the 1946-47 basketball season. ****UPDATE**** UCLA publication states that Wojciechowicz "Bow Wow" Wojtkiewicz died in November  1997. "Bow Wow" was married to Sheila Graham, a Hollywood gossip columnist, and arrived at UCLA in the mid-1940's. He was employed as football field manager for many years at UCLA. Story states that he was "particularly close to former coaches Dick Vermeil and Terry Donahue." He apparently lived a very colorful life and did have several Hollywood ties (Elizabeth Taylor, Dean Martin) . Sheila Graham was also famous as F. Scott Fitzgerald's friend at the time of his death (1940) at her home in Hollywood. 


Real name was Wojciechowicz Wojtkiewicz


Joe Hammerschmidt   1959-60

Coach Hammerschmidt coached Hayden in 1959 & 1960. Hayden teams were up against "killer" schedules during this period. His teams were routinely outweighed in the line by opponents such as Rockhurst, Ward, Topeka High, Seaman. Coach was previously an assistant to Barney Byard. He also served as head coach of Sts. Pater & Paul in Seneca, Ks.     

          Joe Hammerschmidt  (Hayden Yearbook)   

Football   (3-14-1)


Mike McGraw  1978     Football   (6-3)

Coach McGraw served 1 year as head football coach. He had been Joe Lieber's  assistant coach from 1976-1977. He graduated from Ward High School in K.C. and Pittsburg State where he lettered in football from 1970-72. 

 Chuck Smith 1979   Football (3-6)

Coach Smith was head football coach for only the 1979 season. He had been an assistant coach previously for Ward-K.C. and Independence. He left Hayden to become the head football coach at Colgan-Pittsburg. He has continued a great tradition at that school by winning 5 State Championships - 1984 CLASS 2A - 2000,2001,2002 & 2003 CLASS 2-1A. He was named Kansas Coach of the Year by the Topeka Capital-Journal in 2001. 

Coach Smith of Colgan-Pittsburg

photo: pre_football