Hayden Hall of Fame                                                                            July 10, 2009

      OK. I am probably stepping out on a limb here, but can anybody tell me why Hayden does not have a Sports Hall of Fame? I hope that I have not missed something and that one already exists. I know that Topeka West and Highland Park have had a Hall of Fame for several years.

           Several people have asked me about this subject through e-mails about the Sports History site that I maintain. And from the Hayden web page you can tell that someone has been thinking about it. But, there has not been anything announced to the best of my knowledge. As a Hayden no-it-all, I have lots of candidates that I think should be automatic members. I think that the ceremony could be a good fund raiser as well.

           I hope that the Hayden administration might consider the establishment of this type of honor and that it might coincide with the Centennial celebration of the establishment of the school (1911) .